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Money, Enterprise and Education for social good!


Changing the world! #WITY

A word from the contributor:

This semester, for our class final project, I encouraged my students to participate in the Six Cents Initiative ( Just .06 cents can save the life of a child in an area of the world where drought and/or lack of clean water is a chronic condition. I wanted them to see that not only can one person make a difference, but ]most importantly, I wanted them to “never [again] doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…” (Margaret Mead).

I only asked for six cents from each person. I wanted them to see that each of them could save one life. But that was not enough for this group: the money they raised will literally save 865 lives.   Believing  that regular people can make a difference, and then seeing it happen right before my eyes is what will always be important to me.  

-Kellie J French

Free Speech! #WITY

Inspire & encourage others. #WITY


Why it’s important to me: This photo represents the truest, most raw pieces of life: Friendship. It was taken in London, and while not everyone knew each other in this photo before it was taken, the friendships and love that have grown since it was snapped are inspired and precious. It is a reminder that in our lives of hustle, bustle, business-making and deep desires to leave legacies, that we exchange ideas, share vulnerabilities and enjoy the company of those we care about and love. 


Live Free! #WITY

Collaboration #WITY

Empower and Connect with Others #WITY

A world that works for everyone! #WITY

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